Cruise Director

Entertainment Department

Profession Name: Cruise Director
Also known as: CD
Promoted position: None
Average Wage: 7000 USD
Receives tips? Yes
Average Working Hours: 77 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? Yes
English proficiency needed: Fluent

The Cruise Director is a key, managing position and responsible for all onboard entertainment. The position involves supervising staff within the Entertainment department and some administration. When the company also has an Entertainment Director, the major part of the administration of the overall entertainment becomes more part of the ED and less of the Cruise Director, that will act and perform like a Host for all major activities. Cruise Directors occasionally perform as well, so they must be really good entertainers, fluent in English and very eloquent.


More than often, the Cruise Director will be required to work long hours and be present on all shows and parties on board, no matter how big or small the event is, the Cruise Director will probably be there. For that reason, almost all cruise directors were once Cruise Staff that got promoted within the company itself.


As head of the Entertainment team, the Cruise Director is a key position on board and is required to have fluent proficiency in English (or other languages like German or Chinese, depending on what the company is based at), plus very eloquent skills, be able to crack jokes on the spot and be extremely charismatic. Previous host experience is a MUST, and be able to work and deal with a huge amount of pressure at all times.


In ships without an Entertainment Director, the Cruise Director takes all administrative tasks of the department and will be required to shift constantly from being a host to be behind a desk in order to complete all assigned tasks, so a proven record of good administration skills is a plus.