Environmental Officer

Maritime Department

Profession Name: Environmental Officer
Also known as: EO, Environmental Compliance
Promoted position: Staff Captain, Captain
Average Wage: 4000 USD
Receives tips? No
Average Working Hours: 60 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? Yes
English proficiency needed: Advanced to Fluent

Each ship has a full-time Environmental Officer (EO), who monitors environmental compliance and the implementation of environmental procedures for the whole ship. Each EO reports directly to the ship’s Captain, and has a direct line of communication with their Operating Line Compliance Manager (OLCM) or similar land-based role.


Their daily tasks include but its not limited to: Monitoring the ship’s environmental compliance activities, including waste operations, performing environmental rounds and inspections to assess the ship’s environmental performance, providing some environmental shipboard training of crew who have environmental responsibilities, assessing the environmental proficiency of the ship’s crew, identifying gaps and providing additional training if necessary, aiding the Captain, Chief Engineer and government officials, in the event of accidental releases or spills and participating in shipboard management meetings and ensuring that environmental matters are addressed.


Deck Officer license, Engine Officer license and/or an Environmental/science-based bachelor degree or higher. Previous leadership experience preferably within the environmental field.


Candidates must have a proven track record in solving problems and dealing with challenging situations, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, visible leadership qualities and professional skills such as coaching, relationship building, goal setting, problem solving and conflict resolution, professional while interacting with piers, senior leaders, port authorities, inspectors and guests, demonstrate confidence in public speaking and is able to conduct training.


Candidates should contribute to an ethical environment, lead by example and conduct themselves in a professional manner, dealing with change, be influential and have the ability to manage issues with confidence.


Must have excellent command of the English language and be able to obtain at least a 90% score on Marlin’s Test.


Must have completed a 4 year course at a Maritime Academy or have received a Nautical High School Diploma. STCW Basic Safety Training & Advanced Fire Fighting, STCW Security Awareness Training (with duties), STCW Elementary First Aid VI/4-1. Must be from a country on the IMO STCW whitelist.