Photo Lab Technician

Photography Department

Profession Name: Photo Lab Technician
Also known as: Photo Printer, Photo Technician
Promoted position: Photo Manager
Average Wage: 1700 USD
Receives tips? No
Average Working Hours: 60 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? Yes
English proficiency needed: Intermediate to Fluent

The photo lab technician is mostly know as “Printer” on board although there is a totally different position with the same name on a different department on most cruise lines. Working on the photography lab, the technician duty is to manage, organize and batch edit photographs taken by the photographers, print the ones there were purchased and sometimes even deliver the orders to the guest cabins.


As a technician, the professional is required to maintain a high level of performance on all printing machines available that includes but it’s not limited to exchanging toners, papers, pieces and doing all related maintenance as required by the constant use, including the correct and safely disposal of printing dejects, working together with the Environmental Officer and team on board.


As a senior position, the Photo Lab Technician will assist photographers setting and measuring lights, teaching techniques and setups when needed, providing basic training together with the Photo Manager and filling for the Photographers when required. The position might be required to present seminars on digital cameras and photography techniques as well.


Minimum two years of experience in a high volume graphic store or photography store, photo editing, batch editing and use and repair of different professional printing machines like but not limited to Fujifilm Frontier 570s and Frontier LP 5500/5700 series. Previous photography experience on board not needed but chances of being hired increase highly. Basic knowledge of operating systems (Windows/Mac OSX) and other IT-related skills are preferable.


CompTIA A+ Core Series, Inkjet Printing, Color Workflows, Adobe Creative Suite, FUJIFILM Expertise, HP EXPERTONE Training.