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There are more and more new crew members and of course old veterans creating content on the web, trying to promote their own channels and so on. We do believe in the core fundamentals of our community and we appreciate all newcomers into the world of #SHIPLIFE. For years, we studied and created our content with the help of others, so why not feature the ones that are truly working on the day to day, sharing their own stories and videos, helping our groups grow and of course, promoting our website as well?


Here, you will find a list of featured members that produce good quality video content and share their own experiences online. You’re more than invited to follow them on their channels, learn from their experience and even share the same goals. Are you a content creator? Check out how to be part of our project clicking here.

Due to the multi-nationality of our visitors, we separated this page into different languages so you can watch content in your own idiom. If you know someone that could benefit from being featured here, let them know and share our website with them!




The Curious Lens
The Crew Lounge


Luli de los Cruceros
Carolina Ventura 160


Canal Chega Mais
Brasilian at Sea
@drinkmebr - Mariane Nogueira
Trabalhando em Iates com Jaacyoliveira
Mundo do Marco
Larissa Cezar em Alto Mar
Aura Pop Duo


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