Here we list all the medical exams requested by the companies and also the best tips for carrying them out. Are you looking for the Vaccines list? Click here to be redirected.


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This is the main test done by all companies. It is through him that the company is sure that there is nothing uneven with the new crewman.


PRECAUTIONS: It is necessary to fast for 12 hours before collection. Avoid alcoholic beverages and fatty foods before starting the fast. It is possible to fail the exam if you detect some diseases: Hepatitis, HIV, etc.


Audiometry is an exam that evaluates people’s hearing. When it detects any hearing abnormality it is possible to measure its degree and type of alteration, as well as it guides the preventive or curative measures to be taken, thus avoiding the aggravation.

It is enough to have the ears and clean conducts of hearing and to do auditory rest avoiding very loud sounds and use of headphones for prolonged period.


If you wear glasses or corrective lenses, it is mandatory to send the glasses prescription and / or the ophthalmologist’s report if you have progressive or recurrent vision problems (eg glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc.)


PRECAUTIONS: If you have never had to do an eye examination, it is a good question to ask if everything is right with your eyes.


Through the collection of urine, it is possible to identify users of Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Opium, Amphetamine and Acids, among other illicit substances.

If you use any drug, you will most likely fail this test because many substances take weeks, months and even years to be completely eliminated by the body.


A chest plaque may reveal lung, spine, and heart problems. For crew members, most companies ask for a full upper-body, chest or just lungs.


PRECAUTIONS: The X-ray machine is harmless to most people, it is only by common agreement that you should avoid screening on pregnant women (but if you’re pregnant you can’t work on board anyway).


For woman only, this is a gynecological examination (preventive / papanicolau), so it should be done with your private doctor (because it is a more intimate and specific examination).

Only current and valid exams are accepted within 12 months prior to your shipment date !!