What if I told you that you don’t have to keep buying Sim Cards for every country that you ship visit, nor use all your salary paying for the ultra expensive WiFi packages available on board your cruise? Stay connected with your family and friends anywhere in the world by using Google Fi.

Wait, what is Google Fi ?

Well, it is the most recent and innovative idea of the giant Google: They released a Simcard that works in over 200 countries all over the world, including those places in the Caribbean where nothing works. The best part is the price: You pay as little as 30 dollars per month with unlimited calls/texts and with 1GB of data. Every 1GB of data that you use, you’ll be charged extra ten dollars, up to 6GB.

But what happens if I used more than 6GB?

Well, you’ll acquire unlimited data. No, we are not joking. After you maximize the threshold of 80$ dollars per month, everything else you use is free, with the same connection speed as you always had (5G/LTE).

But what about packages?

Optionally, other than paying for each GB of data used you can also pay $70 monthly for unlimited service and data (up to 32GB / month on the 5G/LTE network, above that the connection is reduced to 4G/3G).

Does it really work anywhere?

Yes!! Tested and approved for data use. It works on all Caribbean Islands (you will never have to go to a coffee shop ever again), in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama (really good for crossing the canal), Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguai… in fact, all over the Americas it works. But not just America, you can also use it’s data on Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania… anywhere! No matter where you go, not matter where the ship will take you, you will always be in touch with social media.

Well, except on Sea days. During sea days you work till you pass out in your bed.

How do I sign up?

That’s easy! Share the Fi love with us by signing up with our referral code below. Besides supporting us and this website, you will get 20 dollars credit towards your account.

After you click, follow the page instructions and order your SIM card to be delivered to any United States address, like to your company headquarters or a local coffee shop that receives mail for crew. At this time, you cannot ship the SIM card to any other country besides the US.


Your credit card will be used for a small transaction fee as little as 3 dollars, just to confirm your identity. Once you receive the SIM card, this fee will be returned back to you. Together with the SIM card you will receive that small tool needed to open your smartphone and a letter of instructions in case you’re using the chip with an iPhone. Don’t worry, it’s all good and works perfectly!


In order to activate the SIM card, you will need to download the GoogleFi app for your phone and have in hands your previous mobile service account details (just needed in case that you want to keep using your previous number). If when you got the SIM card you selected that you will be using a new number, no action is further needed. Otherwise, just wait 15min for you service to be activated and that’s it, you’re now a proud member of the GoogleFi network!


Use the Google Fi app also to control your expenses with many great functionalities: Like if you wish to pause your data use, you can! If you would like to never use more than “x” amount of data, just select it! Keep getting calls from unknown numbers? Block them all!