Broadcast Technician

Technical Department

Profession Name: Broadcast Technician
Also known as: A/V Technician, Video Technician
Promoted position: Entertainment Technical Manager
Average Wage: 2.600 USD
Receives tips? No
Average Working Hours: 60 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? No
English proficiency needed: Fluent

The Broadcast Technician must be able to acquire, compress, digitalize, duplicate, edit and store audio and video data for on board production. Target and acquire satellite reception for the purpose of broadcast television systems. Set up and/or operate audio/video equipment including microphone, sound speakers, compact and professional shoulder cameras, video screens, projectors, monitors, recording equipment, connecting cables and wires, maintenance and fixing of related equipments and as well in-cabin television troubleshooting.

If needed, must be able to perform duties of Audio/LES technicians during production shows, live comedies, live bands, weddings, receptions and other special events.


Precise knowledge of signal flow, satellite antennas, how to acquire signal from different sources remotely, capture and edit events on  a daily basis, server ingest of content and scheduling of different systems including but not limited to IMAX systems, Barco and Christie Projectors, Allin Interactive System, Xcontrol Media and Screen Management, CastUs and other operational systems that are vital for regular ship operations. Extremely good knowledge of computer operations and networks. Be able to maintain and or repair any kind of video system including in-cabin interactive equipment.


Must be able to safely climb an A-frame ladder and properly operate a AWP in different heights up to 4 meters (13 feet).


Good overall health and physical condition, as on the job you will be required to life or move equipments up to 30kg (65 pounds).


*Preferably with a Degree of: Electrics, Electronics, Video Production, A/V Technology and/or other technical fields.


*Preferably with the following Certifications: AV Technology Installation, AVIXA Networking, AV Math, Certified Technology Specialist Installer (CTS-I), Sea Tel Series 97/00/07 TXRX & TVRO Antenna Systems, AMX Design and Installation, Harman Crown University DCI, Tricaster Certified Operator.

(*) Although not really required, these will significantly improve the candidate’s chances of being hired or promoted on board. These are just recommendations.