Automation Technician

Technical Department

Profession Name: Automation Technician
Also known as: Stage/Automation, Mechatronics Technician
Promoted position: Entertainment Technical Manager
Average Wage: 2.400 USD
Receives tips? No
Average Working Hours: 60 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? No
English proficiency needed: Fluent

The Automation Technician is responsible for the movement of all automated stage equipment, rigging and safety devices, and safety of personnel on stage by operate the control system in a safe and effective manner. Manages the system during rehearsals, shows, set up etc. to ensure maximum safety for all involved.


It is also responsible for all preventive maintenance and cleaning on all automation equipment, rigging & scenery without requiring the help of other technicians.


Advanced knowledge of various automation systems including (but not limited to), Nomad, Acrobat, Visual Stage control systems, with proven experience of technical theatrical productions, and safe rigging practices. Must be able to safely climb an A-frame ladder and properly operate a AWP in different heights up to 4 meters (13 feet).


Good overall health and physical condition, as on the job you will be required to life or move equipments up to 30kg (65 pounds).


*Preferably with a Degree of: Electrics, Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics and/or other technical fields.


*Preferably with the following Certifications: OSHA 10, ITI Rigging, Fall Protection, OSHA 30, Basic electric schematics, Miller Fall Protection, TAIT Advanced.

(*) Although not really required, these will significantly improve the candidate’s chances of being hired or promoted on board. These are just recommendations.