Sports Staff

Entertainment Department

Profession Name: Sports Staff
Also known as: Activities Staff, Activities Host, Ass. Cruise Staff
Promoted position: Cruise Staff, Activities Manager
Average Wage: 1.300 USD
Receives tips? No
Average Working Hours: 60 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? No
English proficiency needed: Advanced to Fluent

The Sports Staff are responsible for ensuring that all guests get the opportunity to take part in some of the most thrilling recreational activities on board, as part of an energetic and dynamic team who facilitate active sports sessions, oversee the operation of outdoor recreational activities as well as engage guests in fun and dynamic themed parties. You’re expected to be in good shape as you’ll be taking care of slides and water slides, zip lines, rock walls, simulators, and sometimes videogames.


This position only exists on major cruise lines that offer extra activities for their guests, as Royal Caribbean being responsible for 80% of all hiring, followed by Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line. As per average, each ship has the need of 10 to 30 persons working as a Sports Staff.


Sports related qualification, one to two years physical fitness and/or recreational sports instruction background with resorts, sports facilities or related recreational facilities required or some childcare experience preferred. Ability to coordinate and instruct recreational sports and activities for large groups and/or individual sessions, ability to provide one-on-one rock climbing wall instruction. Rock climbing (manual belay) certification preferred. Knowledge of the rules of basketball, volleyball, golf, ping-pong, shuffle board, etc.


*Preferably with a Degree of: Sports, Education, Physical Education (PE).


*Preferably with the following Certifications: Single Pitch Climbing, Belay Certification (Manual).

(*) Although not really required, these will significantly improve the candidate’s chances of being hired or promoted on board. These are just recommendations.