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Oh, hello there!

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Welcome to the biggest portal about working and living on board cruise ships and yachts of the world. On this website you’ll get to learn all about #SHIPLIFE, from the very basic questions and requirements, how to apply and how the selection process works, as also be able to check job descriptions and compare salaries between companies, prepare yourself in order to ace that upcoming interview and get the best tips on how to land your dream job.


Here you can quick start your learning process and check out our more accessed topics. The most important of all is to read carefully our Selection Process and follow it’s content. The rest, is up to you!

1. Check the Requirements

Working on board isn’t for everyone. Check if you have what it takes before applying!

2. Choose your Profession

Check the departments on board, choose a profession and see their basic routine and how much they earn.

3. Ocean, River or Yachts?

Learn more of every single company in the world, from ocean liners to river cruises.

4. Build your Resume

Learn how to write and format your curriculum vitae with all the useful information necessary.

5. English Proficiency

Unless you’re from an English speaking country, you will need to score at least 75% on the Marlin’s Test.

6. Selection Process

Follow our step-by-step guide, study and learn everything you need to know about living and working on cruise ships!

7. Interview Practices

How to impress the recruiters during an online interview or audition.

8. Medical Exams

Are you in good health? Are you sure? Well, let’s check if you meet the standards!

9. Safety Trainings

Fire Fighting? STCW? Learn more about these and other trainings here.

10. Flight Tickets

Will the company provide transportation to the ship or you’ll pay yourself?

11. How to Pack

You know that beautiful dress? Forget it, ain’t nobody got time for that!

12. Requesting a VISA

Going to Australia or the United States? You will need a non-immigrant visa!


Most of us do it because of the money. But there are also other benefits like: Not paying rent, not wasting money on bills, unlimited amount of food, water and juices, opportunity to travel the world (or at least it’s more popular destinations), learn or improve a foreign language and of course grow your skills and/or learn a new profession on board. It’s a lifestyle!


But wait! We are not done yet! 


#SHIPLIFE is a family! We work together, we live together, we eat together, stress together and drink together (most of the nights), just to name a few other things crew members do besides working.


This website was created to help you, your family and friends to better understand how the process works and what kind of employment you should expect. The content displayed here is free, and it will always be. Please like our page, join our community and share our content so we can keep providing you a great content.



We’re here to provide free and accurate information about companies, ships and how the recruitment process works. We also provide new candidates and veterans exclusive contents with easy of access on how to send money home, save for the future or even change careers.


Every year we estimate that cruise companies all together perform over 150.000 interviews with new candidates, in an industry that is growing and growing while expecting better and improved candidates all the time. Most cruise lines hire all year long, so you do not have to wait till a certain time of the year to start your applications. Use this website in your favor, absorb all you can from it’s content and we wish you a very good luck in your journey.


But nonetheless, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thanks for all the new and corrected content you send to us daily so we can keep providing our visitors with updated and accurate information. We really appreciate all the feedback, critics and suggestions because that is what drive us to keep working hard so we are able to keep and maintain this website online and for free.