Ass. Waiter

Restaurant Department

Profession Name: Assistant Waiter
Also known as: Ass. Waiter
Promoted position: Waiter
Average Wage: 1200 USD
Receives tips? Yes
Average Working Hours: 70 hours per Week
Night-shift rotation? No
English proficiency needed: Intermediate to Advanced

The assistant waiter/waitress is responsible for providing general assistance to waiters in the service of foods and beverages to passengers in restaurants and dining rooms aboard the cruise ship and cleaning and removing dishes, glassware and silver from tables after service is completed.


Also assists in setting up tables, including linens, China, silverware and glassware, taking food orders to the galley and collecting dishes and items from it to the service area, removing dishes, glassware and cutlery from passengers’ tables. Assists in general preparation of appetizers, salads, cold dishes, dessets, and brewing coffee and tea and some drinks and non-alcoholic beverages for passengers. Can be assigned to work in the buffet area at random or for a rotation.


Minimum one or two years experience in a high volume food operation establishment like an upscale restaurant, hotel, resort or cruise ship experience is preferred. Good interpersonal skills, positive attitude and willingness to learn. Excellent communication skills and good command of the English language, knowledge of additional languages is a plus. Ability to work in a multicultural environment.


Fluent in a second language is preferred.