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Here you have access to all positions available on board cruise ships, sorted by the position title, the company and the salary per month with the currency of the company. These are values set on the contract as the base salary and not final, as they do not account for eventual tips, gratuities or any kind of commission. You’re able to search the position you want and/or the company in order to fully compare each other.


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Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerCarnival Cruise Line600USD
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerCelestyal Cruises400EUR
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerCosta Crociere542USD
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerNorwegian Cruise Line768USD
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerPrincess Cruises750USD
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerVirgin Voyages825USD
LinenkeeperNorwegian Cruise Line978USD
TailorNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
TailorCarnival Cruise Line1268USD
Florist / GardenerNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
Florist / GardenerCelebrity Cruises1330USD
Laundry PersonCarnival Cruise Line615USD
LaundryCarnival Cruise Line800USD
LaundryNorwegian Cruise Line768USD
Crew Steward / Hotel StewardCarnival Cruise Line958USD
Crew Steward / Hotel StewardCelestyal Cruises670EUR
Crew Steward / Hotel StewardNorwegian Cruise Line978USD
Aquatic Attendant / LifeguardNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
Aquatic Attendant / LifeguardDisney Cruise Line1800USD
Aquatic Attendant / LifeguardPrincess Cruises1200USD
Aquatic Attendant / LifeguardCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
Aquatic Attendant / LifeguardMSC Cruises912USD
Crew StewardStar Cruises804USD
Crew StewardCrystal Cruises1102USD
Crew StewardCelestyal Cruises328EUR
Crew StewardDisney Cruise Line671USD
Crew StewardNorwegian Cruise Line958USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardSeabourn2130USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardVirgin Voyages3219USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardCelestyal Cruises870EUR
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardCrystal Cruises1600USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardNorwegian Cruise Line1198USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardRoyal Caribbean1390USD
Stateroom Steward / Cabin StewardCelebrity Cruises1253USD
Stateroom Supervisor / Hotel SupervisorCarnival Cruise Line1550USD
Ass. Housekeeping ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2100USD
Housekeeping ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2800USD
Crew Waiter / F&BCarnival Cruise Line690USD
Crew Waiter / F&BCelestyal Cruises470EUR
Crew Waiter / F&BNorwegian Cruise Line678USD
Crew Waiter / F&BVirgin Voyages925USD
Bell Person / Room ServiceCarnival Cruise Line958USD
Bell Person / Room ServiceCelestyal Cruises670EUR
Bell Person / Room ServiceNorwegian Cruise Line878USD
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetCarnival Cruise Line958USD
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetCelestyal Cruises670EUR
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetMSC Cruises740USD
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetNorwegian Cruise Line887USD
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetRoyal Caribbean979USD
Restaurant Steward / Snack / BuffetVirgin Voyages825USD
Assistant WaiterMSC Cruises830USD
Assistant WaiterNorwegian Cruise Line1140USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2392USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line1850USD
Assistant WaiterPullmantur425USD
Assistant WaiterRoyal Caribbean1260USD
Assistant WaiterSeabourn1950EUR
Assistant WaiterSilversea1600USD
Assistant WaiterVirgin Voyages2225USD
Waiter / F&B ServiceNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
Waiter / F&B ServiceVirgin Voyages3225USD
Restaurant Hostess / Head WaiterCrystal Cruises2100USD
Restaurant Hostess / Head WaiterNorwegian Cruise Line1800USD
Restaurant Hostess / Head WaiterSeabourn1903EUR
Maitre D / F&B SupervisorNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Restaurant ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2911USD
Deck Steward / Pool BoyNorwegian Cruise Line1168USD
Deck Steward / Pool BoyPrincess Cruises850USD
Deck Steward / Pool BoyVirgin Voyages959USD
Wine Steward / SommelierCelestyal Cruises960EUR
Wine Steward / SommelierNorwegian Cruise Line1168USD
Wine Steward / SommelierVirgin Voyages4622USD
Barista / Coffee AttendantCelestyal Cruises960EUR
Barista / Coffee AttendantCarnival Cruise Line150USD
Barista / Coffee AttendantCarnival Cruise Line1400USD
Utility Bar / Bar BoyCelestyal Cruises360EUR
Utility Bar / Bar BoyCosta Crociere600USD
Utility Bar / Bar BoyNorwegian Cruise Line795USD
Utility Bar / Bar BoyRoyal Caribbean842USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterCarnival Cruise Line1400USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterCelestyal Cruises400EUR
Bar Server / Bar WaiterCosta Crociere535USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterCrystal Cruises2750USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterMSC Cruises870USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterCelebrity Cruises1333USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterNorwegian Cruise Line1468USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterRoyal Caribbean920USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterSilversea1500USD
BartenderCelebrity Cruises1300USD
BartenderDisney Cruise Line1250USD
Bar Server / Bar WaiterVirgin Voyages2332USD
BartenderCelestyal Cruises960EUR
BartenderCosta Crociere1070USD
BartenderCrystal Cruises3400USD
BartenderNorwegian Cruise Line1680USD
BartenderVirgin Voyages2711USD
Head Bartender / Bar ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line1900USD
Head Bartender / Bar ManagerRoyal Caribbean2056USD
Head Bartender / Bar ManagerVirgin Voyages4200USD
CaptainCarnival Cruise Line9800USD
CaptainNorwegian Cruise Line12500USD
Staff CaptainCarnival Cruise Line7800USD
Safety OfficerCarnival Cruise Line3700USD
Safety OfficerNorwegian Cruise Line4200USD
Printer / DesignerCarnival Cruise Line1700USD
Printer / DesignerNorwegian Cruise Line1250USD
Printer / DesignerRoyal Caribbean1650USD
Photo ManagerCosta Crociere2820USD
Photo ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2611USD
Photolab TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
PhotographerPrincess Cruises1200USD
PhotographerCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
PhotographerNorwegian Cruise Line1180USD
PhotographerMSC Cruises924USD
PhotographerRoyal Caribbean800USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsCarnival Cruise Line2411USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsVirgin Voyages3600USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsCosta Crociere955USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsStar Cruises1950USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsSAGA Cruises1750USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsPullmantur1500USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsDream Cruises2311USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsPrincess Cruises2600USD
Broadcast Technician / Video Technician / Digital SystemsRoyal Caribbean1950USD
Light TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Light TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line2411USD
Automation TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line2411USD
Floor Technician / Stage Technician / RiggingCosta Crociere1400USD
Floor Technician / Stage Technician / RiggingCarnival Cruise Line2411USD
Audio TechnicianRoyal Caribbean1568USD
Audio TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Audio TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line2411USD
LES Technician / Lounge TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line2100USD
LES Technician / Lounge TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line1600USD
Assistant WaiterCrystal Cruises998USD
Waiter / F&B ServiceRoyal Caribbean1275USD
Waiter / F&B ServiceMSC Cruises1700USD
Waiter / F&B ServiceCrystal Cruises2900USD
Head Waiter / Senior WaiterCrystal Cruises3400USD
Immigration / Clearance / Documentation / Guest Services OfficerVirgin Voyages1850USD
Immigration / Clearance / Documentation / Guest Services OfficerNorwegian Cruise Line2400USD
Immigration / Clearance / Documentation / Guest Services OfficerCelebrity Cruises2100USD
Immigration / Clearance / Documentation / Guest Services OfficerRoyal Caribbean2100USD
Immigration / Clearance / Documentation / Guest Services OfficerViking Ocean Cruises3000USD
Group Service Coordinator / Wedding CoordinatorPullmantur1700USD
Group Service Coordinator / Wedding CoordinatorRoyal Caribbean2100USD
Group Service Coordinator / Wedding CoordinatorNorwegian Cruise Line2200USD
Group Service Coordinator / Wedding CoordinatorCarnival Cruise Line1850USD
Guest Service International / EmbassadorSilversea3200USD
Guest Service International / EmbassadorRoyal Caribbean2035USD
Guest Service International / EmbassadorNorwegian Cruise Line2340USD
Guest Service International / EmbassadorHolland America Line2500USD
Guest Service International / EmbassadorCarnival Cruise Line2000USD
Casino Host / Player ProgramVirgin Voyages2800USD
Casino Host / Player ProgramCarnival Cruise Line2300USD
Casino Host / Player ProgramNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Casino ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2900USD
Casino ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2750USD
Dealer / DicePrincess Cruises1678USD
Dealer / DiceRoyal Caribbean1700USD
Dealer / DiceCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Dealer / DiceNorwegian Cruise Line1650USD
Executive Sous ChefNorwegian Cruise Line2911USD
SushimanCarnival Cruise Line1100USD
SushimanNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
SushimanRoyal Caribbean1400USD
ButcherNorwegian Cruise Line996USD
ButcherCarnival Cruise Line1011USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherCarnival Cruise Line972USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherCosta Crociere631USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherDisney Cruise Line531USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherMSC Cruises740USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherNorwegian Cruise Line736USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherPrincess Cruises767USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherPhoenix Reisen680EUR
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherPullmantur644USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherCelebrity Cruises763USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherRoyal Caribbean745USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherSilversea1000USD
Galley / Utility Galley / DishwasherVirgin Voyages812USD
CommisMSC Cruises880USD
CommisDisney Cruise Line700USD
CommisRoyal Caribbean812USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)Costa Crociere786USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)Disney Cruise Line740USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)MSC Cruises871USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)Norwegian Cruise Line898USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)Royal Caribbean750USD
Third Cook (3rd Cook)Silversea1450USD
Chef Garde MangerNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
BakerNorwegian Cruise Line900USD
Pastry ChefMSC Cruises1770USD
Pastry CookNorwegian Cruise Line900USD
Casino CashierCarnival Cruise Line1400USD
Casino CashierNorwegian Cruise Line1312USD
Casino CashierRoyal Caribbean1660USD
Slot Technician / Casino TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line2200USD
Slot Technician / Casino TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Slot Technician / Casino TechnicianRoyal Caribbean1430USD
Pit Supervisor / Casino SupervisorCarnival Cruise Line2300USD
Pit Supervisor / Casino SupervisorNorwegian Cruise Line1500USD
Pit Supervisor / Casino SupervisorRoyal Caribbean1620USD
Cruise Consultant / Onboard MarketingNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Loyalty / CruiseNext / Future CruiseNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Butler / ConciergeSilversea1200USD
Butler / ConciergeNorwegian Cruise Line998USD
Second Cook (2th Cook)Norwegian Cruise Line978USD
Second Cook (2th Cook)Royal Caribbean1000USD
Second Cook (2th Cook)Silversea2000USD
First Cook (1th Cook) / ChefNorwegian Cruise Line1110USD
First Cook (1th Cook) / ChefRoyal Caribbean1400USD
First Cook (1th Cook) / ChefSilversea2400USD
First Cook (1th Cook) / ChefVirgin Voyages2028USD
Teppanyaki Chef / Asian ChefNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
Teppanyaki Chef / Asian ChefRoyal Caribbean1400USD
Teppanyaki Chef / Asian ChefCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
Chef TournantNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
Sous ChefNorwegian Cruise Line1500USD
Executive ChefHolland America Line4950USD
Executive ChefNorwegian Cruise Line2300USD
Executive ChefCosta Crociere2640EUR
Executive ChefMSC Cruises2300EUR
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerPrincess Cruises1400USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerPullmantur1022USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerRegent Seven Seas2478USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerNorwegian Cruise Line1675USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerRoyal Caribbean1700USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerCosta Crociere1300USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerSeabourn2400EUR
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerVirgin Voyages1700USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerSilversea2500USD
Guest Service Associate / Relations OfficerCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
Shore ExcursionsCosta Crociere1100USD
Shore ExcursionsSilversea2200USD
Shore ExcursionsNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Shore ExcursionsRoyal Caribbean1700USD
Shore ExcursionsMSC Cruises1200USD
Shore ExcursionsCarnival Cruise Line1650USD
Portrait Artist / Studio PhotographerNorwegian Cruise Line1120USD
Portrait Artist / Studio PhotographerMSC Cruises1324USD
Assistant Photo Manager / Gallery ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line1700USD
Crew Officer / PurserNorwegian Cruise Line1628USD
Crew Officer / PurserRoyal Caribbean1985USD
PaymasterRoyal Caribbean2560USD
PaymasterNorwegian Cruise Line2300USD
Finance Officer / CashierCosta Crociere1421USD
Finance Officer / CashierCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Finance Officer / CashierVirgin Voyages2738USD
Finance Officer / CashierNorwegian Cruise Line1900USD
Human Resources / HR DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line2726USD
Human Resources / HR DirectorRoyal Caribbean2300USD
Human Resources / HR DirectorCarnival Cruise Line3700USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerCarnival Cruise Line3400USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line3200USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerVirgin Voyages4800USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerMSC Cruises3200USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerCosta Crociere2200USD
Entertainment Technical ManagerDream Cruises2762USD
Beauty TherapistCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Acupuncture TherapistCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Fitness Instructor / Gym TrainerCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Nail TechnicianCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Beauty TherapistCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Beauty TherapistVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Massage TherapistVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Hairdresser TherapistVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Massage TherapistCarnival Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Nail TechnicianVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Acupuncture TherapistVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Fitness Instructor / Gym TrainerVirgin Voyages800 or 19%USD
Hairdresser TherapistNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Beauty TherapistNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Massage TherapistNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Acupuncture TherapistNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Nail TechnicianNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
Fitness Instructor / Gym TrainerNorwegian Cruise Line800 or 19%USD
SPA ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
SPA ManagerVirgin Voyages1400USD
SPA ManagerCarnival Cruise Line1400USD
Recreational Staff / Sports StaffCarnival Cruise Line1700USD
Recreational Staff / Sports StaffNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
Recreational Staff / Sports StaffRoyal Caribbean2100USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentNorwegian Cruise Line1600USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentCosta Crociere812USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentPullmantur1060USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentRoyal Caribbean1900USD
Cruise Staff / Adult EntertainmentDream Cruises1700USD
Nursery Attendant / ChildcareNorwegian Cruise Line1600USD
Seasonal Youth CounselorNorwegian Cruise Line1000USD
Seasonal Youth CounselorPrincess Cruises1200USD
Seasonal Youth CounselorHolland America Line1600USD
Seasonal Youth CounselorPullmantur678USD
Seasonal Youth CounselorRoyal Caribbean1500USD
Youth Staff / Youth Counselor / Youth Care / AnimatorCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
Youth Staff / Youth Counselor / Youth Care / AnimatorDisney Cruise Line1800USD
Youth Staff / Youth Counselor / Youth Care / AnimatorNorwegian Cruise Line1500USD
Youth Staff / Youth Counselor / Youth Care / AnimatorPullmantur948USD
Youth Staff / Youth Counselor / Youth Care / AnimatorRoyal Caribbean1700USD
Teen CounselorCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
Teen CounselorNorwegian Cruise Line1500USD
Teen CounselorPullmantur950USD
Wardrobe ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Host DJ / PRO DJCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Host DJ / PRO DJCelestyal Cruises1150EUR
Host DJ / PRO DJCosta Crociere1300USD
Host DJ / PRO DJMSC Cruises1800USD
Host DJ / PRO DJNorwegian Cruise Line1750USD
Host DJ / PRO DJPullmantur1078USD
Trio / Duo MusicianCarnival Cruise Line2850USD
Trio / Duo MusicianRoyal Caribbean2200USD
Trio / Duo MusicianNorwegian Cruise Line2300USD
Solo Musician / SoloistCarnival Cruise Line3200USD
Solo Musician / SoloistNorwegian Cruise Line2800USD
Musicians / Band MusicianCarnival Cruise Line2200USD
Musicians / Band MusicianNorwegian Cruise Line2700USD
Musicians / Band MusicianRoyal Caribbean2100USD
Musicians / Band MusicianDisney Cruise Line2300USD
Band Manager / Showband MusicianCarnival Cruise Line3600USD
DancerNorwegian Cruise Line2600USD
DancerCarnival Cruise Line2800USD
Dancer-SingerCarnival Cruise Line3200USD
Singer-DancerNorwegian Cruise Line3178USD
DancerDisney Cruise Line3200USD
DancerRoyal Caribbean3200USD
Singer-DancerRoyal Caribbean4300USD
Singer-DancerCarnival Cruise Line5300USD
Piano EntertainerCarnival Cruise Line4200USD
Guest PerformerCarnival Cruise Line6000USD
Guest PerformerNorwegian Cruise Line4000USD
Guest PerformerRoyal Caribbean4500USD
Youth Program Manager / Youth DirectorCarnival Cruise Line2260USD
Youth Program Manager / Youth DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line2400USD
Youth Program Manager / Youth DirectorDisney Cruise Line2712USD
Youth Program Manager / Youth DirectorRoyal Caribbean2300USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2362USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerMSC Cruises2750USD
Assistant Cruise DirectorPullmantur1800USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerCosta Crociere1550USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerPullmantur1400USD
Desktop Publisher / Media ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Assistant Cruise DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line2400USD
Cruise DirectorCarnival Cruise Line4800USD
Cruise DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line4600USD
Entertainment DirectorCarnival Cruise Line5200USD
Entertainment DirectorVirgin Voyages7100USD
Art Sales AssociateCarnival Cruise Line2000USD
Art Sales AssociateRoyal Caribbean1400USD
Art Sales AssociateNorwegian Cruise Line1600USD
Art AuctioneerCarnival Cruise Line3000USD
Art AuctioneerNorwegian Cruise Line2300USD
Art Gallery Manager / Art DirectorCarnival Cruise Line3900USD
Art Gallery Manager / Art DirectorRoyal Caribbean2311USD
Art Gallery Manager / Art DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line2778USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonCarnival Cruise Line1100USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonCosta Crociere500USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonMSC Cruises785USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonDream Cruises2100USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonSAGA Cruises1700USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonRoyal Caribbean500USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonNorwegian Cruise Line500 (STARBOARD)USD
Sales / Sales Associate / Gift PersonNorwegian Cruise Line1000 (DUFRY)USD
Jewelry SpecialistCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
Jewelry SpecialistNorwegian Cruise Line1000USD
Stage Crew / StagehandRoyal Caribbean800USD
Stage Crew / StagehandNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
Stage Crew / StagehandPrincess Cruises1200USD
Port Shopping / Shopping ExpertCarnival Cruise Line2100USD
Port Shopping / Shopping ExpertNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
Gift Shop Manager / Promotion ManagerCarnival Cruise Line2600USD
Gift Shop Manager / Promotion ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Security GuardCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Security GuardNorwegian Cruise Line2100USD
Security GuardP&O Australia1547USD
Security OfficerCarnival Cruise Line2600USD
Security OfficerNorwegian Cruise Line2800USD
Utility Hotel / HK Steward / CleanerAIDA615USD
Videographer / TV DirectorCosta Crociere1200USD
Human Resources / HR DirectorHolland America Line5340USD
Human Resources / HR DirectorSeabourn4963USD
DoctorCarnival Cruise Line6200USD
DoctorNorwegian Cruise Line5900USD
NurseCarnival Cruise Line3200USD
NurseNorwegian Cruise Line3912USD
Lifeguard / Aquatic AttendantCarnival Cruise Line1800USD
Lifeguard / Aquatic AttendantNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
Port Shopping / Shopping Expert / Trunkshow HostCarnival Cruise Line2100USD
Port Shopping / Shopping Expert / Trunkshow HostNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
SecretaryNorwegian Cruise Line1800USD
Environmental OfficerCarnival Cruise Line3200USD
Environmental OfficerCosta Crociere2100EUR
Environmental OfficerNorwegian Cruise Line2800USD
Training SpecialistNorwegian Cruise Line2800USD
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystVirgin Voyages7122USD
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystRoyal Caribbean5912USD
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystCarnival Cruise Line5800USD
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystPhoenix Reisen4200EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystMSC Cruises4190EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystNorwegian Cruise Line5100USD
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystSilversea5670EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystSeabourn5880EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystCruise & Maritime Voyages2478EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystCelestyal Cruises2800EUR
Information Technology / Systems Manager / IT AnalystCosta Crociere3400EUR
Surveillance Officer / ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line3800USD
Surveillance Officer / ManagerDisney Cruise Line4850USD
Hotel DirectorNorwegian Cruise Line5600USD
Navigational OfficerCarnival Cruise Line3700USD
Crew Enrichment / Engagement SpecialistNorwegian Cruise Line1400USD
Staff Chief EnginnerCarnival Cruise Line5900USD
Chief EngineerCarnival Cruise Line12800EUR
1st Engineer / First EngineerCarnival Cruise Line6800EUR
2nd Engineer / Second EngineerCarnival Cruise Line6200EUR
3rd Engineer / Third EngineerCarnival Cruise Line5100EUR
Engine CadetCarnival Cruise Line2000EUR
Engine AdministratorCarnival Cruise Line3900USD
Refrigeration EngineerCarnival Cruise Line6200EUR
Firefighter / Fire PatrolCarnival Cruise Line3700USD
WelderCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
MechanicCarnival Cruise Line2261USD
FitterCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
MotormanCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
PlumberCarnival Cruise Line2261USD
FitterCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
OilerCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
Wiper / GreaserCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
RepairmanNorwegian Cruise Line1300USD
RepairmanCarnival Cruise Line1412USD
CarpenterCarnival Cruise Line1300USD
CarpenterNorwegian Cruise Line1120USD
ElectricianCarnival Cruise Line2261USD
ElectricianNorwegian Cruise Line1468USD
Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) / Electricians ManagerCarnival Cruise Line6800EUR
Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) / Electricians ManagerNorwegian Cruise Line5450USD
PrinterCarnival Cruise Line1700USD
PrinterPrincess Cruises1300USD
PrinterNorwegian Cruise Line1100USD
BosunCarnival Cruise Line1600USD
BosunNorwegian Cruise Line1200USD
MasonNorwegian Cruise Line2700USD
Ordinary SeamanCarnival Cruise Line1500USD
Ordinary SeamanNorwegian Cruise Line1390USD
Able SeamanCarnival Cruise Line2200USD
Able SeamanNorwegian Cruise Line2120USD
Deck CadetCarnival Cruise Line2000EUR
3rd Officer / Third OfficerCarnival Cruise Line2500USD
2nd Officer / Second OfficerCarnival Cruise Line3300USD
1st Officer / First OfficerCarnival Cruise Line4200USD
TV ProgrammerCosta Crociere1100USD
TV DirectorCosta Crociere1500USD