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The world is big, and the logistics involved on assigning crew members from different countries to join different vessels in different countries, in a very specific date and time frame are chaotic. That’s why most cruise liners and yachts have an assigned hiring agency responsible for all recruitment, document handling and logistics to recruit a local candidate and assist him or her till the vessel they’re joining. On note, we also mention that most cruise lines in the world accept candidates that apply direct with the company as well, and if they don’t, than the process is redirected to a local agency.


Here we list (or at least try) all the recruitment agencies in the world and for which companies they recruit for. If you know any agency that is missing or needs an update on the information, feel free to get in touch with us as well by filling the form on the bottom of this page. As we constantly receive feedback from our visitors about our website, we also inform that we are not an agency (yet). You can share our website to friends and family that wish to understand the job and/or how to apply.

WARNING: Unfortunately we live in a world where some people try to take advantage of others, so please be aware of fake agencies that try to convince candidates to pay them money in order to get hired, or ask for private details (like your passport number) in order to sell fake copies of it elsewhere. Some details can give it away, like for instance if the agency you’re dealing with does not have an official website or email (ex: Emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), or if they promise an instant embark, or even if they are looking for a dishwasher to get paid 5.000 euros per month; you can start to inquire if they’re for real or not.


We keep a list of fake agencies here, so you can always double check.

ATTENTION: Official agencies are not allowed to charge candidates in any way during the selection process, as mandate by the Maritime Labor Convention. Still, we are aware that a lot of agencies around the world charge new hires with interview fees or request payments in order to get hired. If you’re being charged during your selection process you have the right to refuse and also report the agency to the MLC.

Charging for complementary or separate course or giving extra trainings for candidates about diverse subjects although is not considered an infraction, like English classes or Hospitality service.

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If you’re looking for an agency that isn’t on our list, or if you work/own an agency that hires for Cruise Ships, River Cruises and Yachts and it’s not on our list, it’s easy! Just fill out the following form and we will add it (or update the agency details) as soon as we can!