Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is one of the newest cruise companies in the world, with a fleet of four ships under construction, in which the first one will start to operate in 2020. Even before hiring, the company rolled out a crew survey in 2016 asking advice from thousands of crew members around the world of which features they should allow or provide for their crew. On the options, they included free WiFi, having visible tattoos and single cabins, to name a few. Prior the hiring process started in 2019, the company announced that they not only will allow tattoos, facial hair and different hair styles but will also incentive crew members to be “themselves” and not robots. The company also announced that they will have free Wifi.


With 4 and 5 days itineraries on the Caribbean and overnights on all of them, the company is also building a huge terminal in Miami, in which is expected to be named terminal V instead of “G”. The company second ship, named Valiant Lady, will be sailing in the Europe before reaching the US.

Official website:
Founded on: 2016

Company Category: Premium
Conglomerate: None (privately owned)
Official Language: English
Sails to: Caribbean, Europe
Ship’s Flag: Bahamas
Average age of PAX: TBD

Offers free wifi: Yes
Offers single cabins: Officers and Staff only
Allows visible tattoos: Yes
Allows different hairstyles: Yes
Provides STCW on board: No
Provides Airline Tickets: Yes
Provides Hotel accommodations: Yes
Requires the Marlin’s Test? Yes, with minimum of 80%



As most of other cruise lines, if you wish to apply for this company you can do it by applying straight to the company on their website or doing the selection process thought a recruitment agency.



Previous cruise ship experience not needed, but preferred. All positions require advanced to fluent english, with high standards of service and good qualifications.


Scarlet Lady

Valiant Lady (2021)

Unnamed (2023)

Unnamed (2025)

Join the official group for crew on Facebook:

The biggest fan group for crew members of Virgin Voyages. Besides being targeted as a group for crew, everyone is welcome to join.


In order to join you must reply to the questions or statements of the group. We’re not really looking for numbers here, so if you don’t reply to them, you’ll not get in. And before you post anything, please check the announcements or the more recent posts of the group. We are pretty sure that we covered 95% of all questions you might have on those.

Just follow the rules and we will be friends.


Lastly, this group isn’t an official hiring place, neither belongs to Virgin Voyages nor is associated with any other company of the Virgin group. We are just sharing information to keep you updated. The company is hiring on their website and they have tons of hiring partners all over the world.


Below you have access to the company ratings, according to actual and past crew members of the company on various aspects, ranging from time of permanence, desire to continue working in the company and scores for services provided. Are you working for this company or have you worked on this company before? You can fill this company survey by clicking here!

How long have you been working for this company?

First Contract 18 / 19


2-4 Contracts 0 / 19


4-10 Contracts 0 / 19


Over 10 Contracts 1 / 19


How did you got hired?

Applied straight with the company 7 / 14


Applied through an Agency 7 / 14


Job Fair / Cast Audition 0 / 14


Concessionaire (Shopping, SPA, etc) 0 / 14


Do you see yourself doing more contracts in this company?

Yes 11 / 13


No 1 / 13


Only if promoted 1 / 13


How's the food at the Mess?

4.64 / 11 votes

How's the accommodations? (Your cabin)

4.45 / 11 votes

How are the activities for crew? (Crew Parties, Thematic Food, Shore Excursions, Discounts on board, Sportive events, etc.)

4.27 / 11 votes

How fast is the on board wifi?

3.50 / 10 votes

How often crew have the opportunity to change department? (By cross-training or internal hiring)

Never 0 / 9


Sometimes, if they deserve it. 6 / 9


Only with mafia 1 / 9


All the time 2 / 9


How often people get promoted? (Within the same department)

Never 0 / 9


Sometimes, if they deserve it. 8 / 9


Only with mafia 0 / 9


All the time 1 / 9


Does the company provide all the trainings on board? (STCW, SCC, Crowd Control, PSCBR, etc.)

No 3 / 6


Yes 3 / 6


Does the company provide Flight tickets during the first contract?

Yes 6 / 6


No 0 / 6


Not for all positions 0 / 6


Does the company provide a Hotel prior joining a ship?

Yes 5 / 6


No 0 / 6


Not for all positions 1 / 6


Would you recommend other people to apply for this company?

No 2 / 5


Yes 3 / 5